Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ok, so I'm attempting photos. These are not my own photos... They're ones that have been posted onto the internet by other people on my program. And I have no idea if this is going to work.
The first one is a picture of most of the girls on the program on the beach at a fishing village we visited a while ago.
The second is the beach in Ft. Dauphin right along the main road.
The next one is of a verreaux's sifaka lemur in the spiny forest.
Then there's one of a village that's not exactly the village in which I did my village stay, but mine looked pretty much exactly the same.
Ok, those are four pretty representative photos of my Madagadcar experience for now. Photos courtesy of Erin Jenny.


  1. Oh man, I miss you so much. I'm glad your ear is finally getting better, that has to be pretty awful, and I hope your clothes dry out soon.

    The pictures worked (though they're in an opposite order :)) and the place looks amazing. I am so excited to see more when you come back! Please take care and be safe and all that - I miss you!

    - Pipsqueak

  2. thanks for the photo credit, cause you bet your ass there would be lawsuits in the works otherwise...